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The humble side table is ever so much more than just a decorative piece of living room furniture, it plays an important role in providing both aesthetic style and functionality within your life and home interior. However, it seems that most of us are in the dark when it comes to this beautiful and most useful little table. In order to answer some of our most frequently asked questions regarding the side table, we asked a few of industry experts to give us an insight into some need to know side table facts and information.



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There are so many different styles of side tables available on the market that selecting just one can become a rather daunting task. To ensure that you end up with a side table that you adore and that is also sure to last you for many years to come it is vital that you follow a few steadfast guidelines.
Firstly it is best to mock up with some paper a cut out of the ideal floor shape of your dream side table to ensure that the proportions work with your existing furniture and that you have a realistic concept of the shape and size that will actually work in your living space.
Secondly, take into consideration your interior style or preferences… If you have a penchant for a modern rustic interior then obviously a glamorous, mirrored glass side table is not going to be the best option for you! It is easy to become distracted by, many a beautiful piece when you are shopping so it is always good to keep a pre-existing aesthetic as a focus.
Thirdly, consider functionality, what you will actually want from your side table on a day to day basis. Is this just a decorative piece of furniture or will it be heavily used by coffee cups, afternoon tea plates and laptops or perhaps you just need somewhere to display those fave interior tomes and magazines, whatever your desired needs are, ensure that you keep them forefront of mind when selecting your side table.
Lastly, think about longevity, sure we all love copper right now but will you love it and want it on your furnishings for years to come? When selecting investment interior items such as lounges, coffee tables and side tables it is best to opt for “safer” more classic style options that are sure to withstand the test of times trends. Think neutrals such as woods and stone such as marble, if you are wanting to use metal opt for classic finishes such as gold, chrome or black and glass is always a good idea. Steer clear of investing in cheaper options here, you want quality that is sure to last a lifetime of use.



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When sizing up your side table there are a few measurements that do need to be taken into consideration. Side tables should always sit height wise within a 5CM range either side of the height of your sofa or chairs arm. Depth-wise, a side table should always roughly be either the same depth or within 5cm range either side of your sofas or chairs depth. Regarding the length of your side table this is a personal preference, however, you never want it to be any wider than the width of one seated section of your sofa or chair as a general rule of thumb.



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Yes! Sofa heights are so varied with many having high backs and lower arms or no arms at all, making this a hard “rule” to equate. The broad rule of thumb that we follow here at interiors online is that your side table height should always sit within a 5cm either side range of the arm height of your sofa or within 5cm either side range of the seated cushion height if your sofa has no arms. So yes, your side table can be higher than your sofas arm height but never the back height!



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Side tables are available in a myriad of different heights and when it comes to selecting the right height of one for you it really comes down to the desired usage of the side table in your living space. Ideally, side tables should sit around the same height as the arm of your sofa. (see above question for the height formula) This will ensure you can place drinks, food and life necessities at the right height to comfortably reach them when seated on your sofa. Shorter side tables are perfectly fine style wise but are better suited to a more decorative function such as displaying treasured possessions.



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Side table designs are innovative and endless in the modern day and there are oh so many varieties to choose from on the market. Traditionally side tables are either round or square in shape however the trend toward nesting options has seen curved shaped tables rise in popularity. Oval and rounder shaped styles are better suited to smaller spaces as they take up less precious ground footprint and are also a more preferable choice if you have small children in your home as they do not pose such a safety risk! Rectangular and square shapes are fabulous for use if you have a larger scale lounge or room as they allow you to anchor the visual flow of the space, like a full stop for your sofa. Before you buy always mock-up with paper a few different side table style shapes to see which works best in your living area.



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For the year ahead there are many exciting side table trends to take note of. Glass is emerging as a front runner in terms of popularity. Even though they may seem fragile and not as easy to maintain glass tables are a beauty to have. Their transparent nature allows them to work well with multiple different colours as well as numerous different decor options. We are seeing an incredibly strong trend moving towards the use of contemporary metals. Metal fixtures may seem intimidating because of how bold and demanding they are. However, they are sure to become a standout feature in your living space. Take the trend even further by selecting a metal coffee table with a texture on it for a simple yet complex look and feel. If you are after a more organic and natural style then look no further than the trend for unfinished wood. Unfinished wood is IN! And we love this concept. You want the intricacy of the unfinished wood to make an effortlessly chic statement about your living room interior. Last but not least is Marble, everyone classic favourite. Marble has been on trend for a few years now and it is still here to stay. There is a classic elegance that a marble piece brings to a space. A marble coffee table can make a huge difference in the way your living room appears. It will add elegance even in the most modern interior.






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