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Create An Oasis With 5 Great Water Feature Ideas For Your Garden

Adding a water feature to your outdoor space brings a sense of tranquility, and creates an oasis at home that is perfect for unwinding. There is just something about gently running water that lulls your mind into a calm space. They also have a cooling effect in warmer climates and attract beautiful, local birds. To bring a sophisticated air to your garden, just add water. 


1. Modern water features for gardens

Modern design in water features tends to keep to all the hallmarks you would expect; clean lines, clever use of space, a commitment to minimal fuss and even include chic black sculptural elements. In other words, they are about as far removed from the ornate, traditional designs of traditional fountains you find in classic European gardens. Popular options include water walls, rain walls and waterfalls.



2. A traditional water feature that looks contemporary

What makes a traditional water feature depends on where you are. Spouts are a stalwart of traditional Moroccan garden design and are having more than a moment across the design world right now. The design may well be traditional, but they certainly look modern when reimagined for a contemporary setting.



3. Classic water features for patios - and beyond

Whether your space is large or small, a sprawling garden or a patio, a classic water feature is a great opportunity to get on-board this timeless trend. Classic-style water features tend to come in all sizes. So, you can choose a petite version of the ornate fountain you loved so much on your last holiday to Italy and it will fit snugly on your deck. Alternatively, you can to scale-up in the same style if you’re lucky enough to have plenty of space. 



5. Jazz up your space with planters and a lounge

Ah, the serenity! Put the finishing touches on your oasis with some lush lounges and some planters to create a space where you can relax and enjoy the tranquil escape you have created.



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