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From Garden To Table: Top 5 Autumn Vegetables To Grow At Home

Autumn brings the cooler weather that can create perfect conditions for certain vegetables to flourish in your garden. In our current world climate, we are all staying at home as much as possible, on the plus side this allows us more time to tend to our garden that perhaps we didn't have before. Also, growing things yourself cuts down on extra supermarket visits and costs. It is time to establish that green thumb!



An Australian favourite, not only are they packed with vitamins, including vitamin C, a key one to get you through the colder months, they are also full of fibre, potassium, iron and magnesium. They match perfectly roasted with a classic burger or make a family-sized salad with balsamic glaze and goats cheese. They thrive in the sunlight and open space, so try not to plant them too close together, roughly 25cm apart is ideal as they will naturally grow apart. 






Broccoli loves water, so try and tend to this every day, dubbed the 'crown jewel of nutrition' this vegetable is a no brainer to accompany any meat dish, fish or to put in a fresh green juice. It also makes a delicious soup with stilton, chicken stock and any other veg you need to use up. 




They may not help you see in the dark, but carrots are underrated for their nutritional value and versatility. Linked to aiding in weight loss and full of antioxidants. You can simply eat these raw, bugs bunny style, but actually it has actually been proven that cooking carrots allows you to digest more of their nutrients. They can tolerate cold weather, even frost and love moist, loose soil. 




Kale, the trendy vegetable that suddenly came back into focus a few years back, fashionable or not, there is no denying this vitamin-packed green is a winner. When planted during autumn, the leaves come out sweeter and tend to be a lot less bitter than the kale a lot of us turn our noses up at. They are friends with cucumber and celery, grow next to each other and they will maintain wet soil and tend to sprout faster. Homemade kale chips make a healthy and delicious snack or use as your main green for a pesto. 




The best thing about pumpkin is they grow extremely quickly in comparison to other vegetables, if you start them indoors for up to 4 weeks in a slightly warmer climate they will thrive in your autumn garden. A winter staple is pumpkin soup, a healthy meal, full of vitamin A, pumpkin boost your immunity and keeps you fuller for longer. Cook up a larger portion than usual and freeze any leftovers for up to 6 months. 




For More Autumn Vegetable Ideas and Easy Recipes click here




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