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Introducing Indah Island

Natalee Bowen of Indah Island describes her brand as "...a renowned interior design firm that is regarded as the ‘Hamptons Go-To' with the design for new homes, renovations, building and styling. We are the experts in this area to help achieve beautiful homes here in Australia and world-wide. We have worked both locally and international for many years now and also involved in TV shows, feature magazines and ambassadors for brands that link with us to represent the beauty in building beautiful homes."




1) We understand you’ve been called ‘Queen of the Hamptons’. How would you define the quintessential Hamptons style? What is Hamptons style (to you)?

The Hamptons style is very eclectic, and to layer these homes with beautiful pieces is an art form. We can wear many different hats under the umbrella of Hamptons’ such as: classic, modern, traditional, monochrome minimalist and coastal. The key is to create a gorgeous home that feels lived in and comfortable -which we do very well. It is a home that when you see or walk into, it feels like you never want to leave.  


2) Why has the Hamptons style become so popular? Do you think Hamptons will ever go out of trend?

I believe the Hampton’s style will never date, which it is why it is so popular! It has a longevity to it, as it is classic yet homely. So, no - it will never go out of style, as classic styles never do. 



3) White and blue seems to be the quintessential Hampton’s colour scheme. Are these the only colours to paint a Hampton’s house, or could a designer/homeowner use other colours and stay true to the look? 

Absolutely. We are seeing now the trends coming through here in Australia, people are taking the look and creating their own modern takes with the colour scheme. 

Some are using black and white, navy and white or even green and white. We traditionally use grey and white, or white on white externally with a neutral colour-way inside for adding layers to the style. 


4) How do you decorate a Hamptons house? What are your favourite smaller decor pieces to use to give just a hint of Hamptons for those not ready to commit 100% to the style?

I think by adding in natural elements is a great start. For example, you could include jute rugs, a palm and some blue and white cushions. If that is the direction you are heading, then some natural linens is the next step.


5) What’s your favourite alternative decor styles? Do you ever mix styles in your projects?

Because the Hamptons’ style is so elective, there are elements of many different styles within Hamptons already. It mixes in inspiration from British Colonial, modern, and tribal. There are hints of antique pieces also! So you can definitely create a style that you love within Hamptons itself. There is something for everyone.




6) Hamptons is originally an American coastal style - how can a homeowner bring a unique Australian touch to the style?

We are now coining our own version here in Aus, the Australian Hamptons homes. Here in Australia we tend to have a more open plan, indoor-meets-outdoor living style. We are more paired back, with less fuss and more of a coastal feel. I think we also incorporate more organic, wooden pieces here. 


7) Any final notes or tips for our users?

Mood boards. If you want to indulge in creating a Hampton’s home, start by collecting images of other Hamptons homes that you love! Then, figure out what are the key pieces you are drawn to, that you could use to create that look. 



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