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Posted on 28 February 2018

Great bedside styling doesn't just happen, there's generally some well-considered thought, a little planning and a lot of inspiration behind it. Your bedside table can be a lot more than just a place to rest your phone, alarm clock or a pile of unread books. With just a few styling tricks that little table can be instantly transformed into a styled to perfection focal point that reflects your design aesthetic. Why not try some our tips and make over your bedside table today?
bedside table - interiors online


1. Let there be light


Unless you have hanging pendants above or wall lights near your bed then a lamp is a simple way to add both lighting and a bit of design flair to your bedside table. Look for a lamp that corresponds with your interior style yet won't take up too much space. Place your lamp on your table before anything else and position the rest of your items around it, it will act as your anchoring point.


2. Pretty Blooms


Whether it is just a stem or a whole bunch, fresh flowers provide a nice organic touch to the bedroom not to mention a great injection of colour. For a more permanent addition opt for a delicate plant, think about an orchid or fern or perhaps a more hardy sculptural succulent like a “string of pearls" instead.

3. Art that Makes you Smile


Whether it's a special birthday card, a postcard from your travels, a photograph or a treasured piece of art why not pop it in a frame and place it on your bedside table. It's about capturing something you love and presenting it beautifully to be admired every day! Take a look at our framed prints.


4. Decorative Items


Pieces you've collected from your travels, trinket boxes (good for doubling as a jewellery box) thrift store finds or latest decor pieces you just had to have. These pieces are a great way to inject personality into your bedside, less is more though so be wary about over cluttering your table. See decorative pieces.


5. Colour Code


A vital tip for a great bedside table is to create cohesion with the rest of your room. Coordinate all your displayed items on your bedside back with the main colour scheme of your bedroom decor and of course, your bedding. A continuous Colour palette really is key when decorating your bedside table, that said you can still have fun with colour adding a surprise pop here and there with a trinket or floral arrangement.


6. Book Lovers Table

Add books to bedside table - Interiors Online

If books are an ever-present feature on your bedside table, why not make them the main star? Pile up a few gorgeous books and use them to create height and interest to your table. Layer a posy in a vase on top of them and maybe a ring dish to the side so as that the space of your table is still utilised.

7. Organic Items

Organic items for your bedside table - Interiors Online

If flowers or plants aren't your thing, it's nice to introduce something else organic to your table like a piece of coral, a collection of shells, a piece of driftwood or perhaps even a timber or marble accessory.


8. Mirror


Mirrored bedside tables are great for bringing light into the bedroom and will reflect the colours of the room to create extra depth.


9. A guy's side of the bed doesn't have to be neglected, boring or empty!

Bedside tables for guys - Interiors Online

A pile of books on the table can act as a shelf to display an alarm clock or even a trinket dish for his watch/cufflink/spare change. Florals and greenery are also great for a masculine bedside if you opt for more masculine tones or hardy house plants.


10. Mismatched Tables

Mismatched bedside tables - Interiors Online

Your bedside tables don't have to match! As long as both tables are about the same height and have similar aesthetics or finishes they will work to compliment each other as long as you keep the lamps the same and add similar styling touches to both. Head here for a detailed guide and more inspiration on how to master mismatched bedside tables


11. Keep it Real


Be realistic about your space needs, if you need more storage don't be afraid to choose a bedside table that has drawers or even one that has both an open and closed space in it that is perfect for hiding those necessities and items you don't want on display. Leaving the top clutter free to show off your prettier pieces. If you have an open bedside table but need more storage, use decorative boxes or chic wicker baskets as a solution to hide away your bits and pieces.


12. Layer it Up

Layered bedside tables - Interiors Online

Layering is key when styling your bedside table. Choose items of similar texture or colour but of varying heights. Don't be afraid to overlap items as this can add visual interest and depth. Browse our framed prints.


13. Good Scents

Scented candles on bedside tables - Interiors Online

Add a luxurious touch with a lightly scented candle. Choose a scent that suits the mood you want to convey. For a calm and relaxed space opt for a scent inspired by the sea or for a light, fresh feel opt for delicate floral notes.


14. Think outside the box

Saturating your interiors with squares and rectangles can limit the expression of your style, while curves can add a sleek modern flair to your living space. When brought into the right atmosphere, round tables can complement a wide range of decor styles and themes and soften a space dominated by cold, straight, modern lines.

15. Balance

Balanced bedside tables - Interiors Online

Finally, great bedside styling is all about balance — of height, colour, texture and shape. Stand back and survey your bedside table, see if there is anything missing or if it needs some editing and refining. Remember the motto really is LESS IS MORE when it comes to a bedside table. Sometimes the most beautiful bedside tables are simple and sparse with only a few carefully curated items on show.        



Wooden bedside tables - Interiors Onine
Wooden block bedside table - Interiors Online
Bedside table on wheels - Interiors Online


Shop our stunning collection of bedside tables and don't miss out to have a look at our occasional tables section, too!

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