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Our Guide To Creating An At Home And Professional Zoom Backdrop

What a rollercoaster 2020 has been so far and shifting from the office to home has been a process for a lot of us. Creating a professional and productive space to work in is crucial. Zoom meetings are certainly playing a key role in keeping in touch with colleagues and clients - we have some pointers on making sure that on a visual level you are coming across at your best. 

How To Establish The Perfect Zoom Room

Firstly, it is essential that you are portraying an accurate representation of yourself, your role, and the industry you are in. Dressing as you would in a regular face to face meeting is a must, this aids in your mindset and focus and also is your opportunity to show your personality in a subtle manner. 


Next, you want to ensure that the space around you is kept simple and tidy so as not to distract yourself or anyone else - an organised space means an organised mind! 



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A supportive chair will make all the difference, adjustable is best to make sure you maintain a healthy and professional posture. Keep your chair and desk at the same height so you aren't hunched over your computer or stretching to reach for the keyboard. The correct lighting for your zoom meetings is crucial, some natural light is always good for your working mindset but a desk lamp doesn't go astray and also makes for a suitable accessory. An appropriately sized plant can break up a more corporate feeling space or opt for a simple vase of flowers to inject a little colour. 

Your background doesn't have to be a blank wall, a well-chosen piece of art behind is a welcome addition. Nothing too busy or loud is a must and often a canvas is better to avoid any form of reflection which can be a major zoom distractor! If you work in a creative field, a pinboard with inspiration can aid in motivating ideas or displaying any of your own work. A tidy bookshelf is another classic background as long as there aren't too many clashing colours and avoid all unnecessary clutter. Coffee cups, bins and any trash are a big no, piles of paper and mess only suggest a lack of discipline, keep all food and drink away from the workspace. 


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Most of all make it a space you where feel comfortable and constructive, this is your opportunity to make your office space truly yours. Zoom meetings can be an insight into your taste, style, and overall work ethic. 


Images sourced from Pinterest


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