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Top 4 Outdoor Balcony Ideas

With an ever-growing number of us living in apartments the balcony has become increasingly high-value real estate. Providing an outdoor space, fresh air and if you’re lucky; a view, the contemporary balcony rules. Balcony ideas can include anything from creating an outdoor living space to relax in, an al fresco dining space, or even as a romantic extension to your bedroom. Whatever the intended purpose of your balcony, be mindful that you style the space in simpatico with the rest of your home.


1. Modern Balcony Design – How to Make it Work

To maximise the use of your balcony, decide what function you would primarily use it for. For instance, is it for solo relaxing or entertaining? Or perhaps a bit of both? The answer would determine how you furnish, style and decorate the space. Other considerations to ensure maximum enjoyment would be to consider shading some or all of the balcony, plus you may want to create some privacy.



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2. Urban Living Balcony Ideas

A well-styled balcony can be the piece de resistance to an otherwise ordinary apartment. The balcony can serve as a primary focus point, regardless of whether you have a view or not. If your balcony does have a fabulous outlook, don’t add too much that can distract and be sure to place furniture strategically to make the most of the view. However, if the outlook is less than spectacular, consider adding a dramatic décor piece to pull focus, such as a stunning pendant light.


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3. Small Outdoors - Bringing the Outdoors to Your Balcony

If you live in an apartment, a balcony can be the ideal place to embrace your green thumb. You could create anything from a wonderful selection of edible herbs, to overflowing planter boxes of colourful blooms. On a practical level, work out how the sun travels through the day in relation to your balcony as this will determine where to place your plants. You could also make great use of any walls by creating a visually appealing and space saving, vertical garden.


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Balcony Living - Five Furniture Ideas

  • Ottomans are so flexible – from a leg rest, a seat or a side table to place a tray of drinks on, this must-have piece of furniture is the ultimate for small spaces.
  • Shading – for sun protection and privacy, consider installing an awning or add a room divider screen, or a playful, beach-style umbrella.
  • Al fresco – with space saving dining or bar settings for semi-outdoor dining.
  • Create a chillax space – With a cool hammock chair to fully relax in, complemented with throws and a colourful small area rug.
  • Lighting – Add a dramatic, focus-pulling pendant light, or hurricane lamps, candles or fairy lights.


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