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The 10 Best Coffee Table Ideas

A stylish coffee table can serve as the ideal focus of any living room. The coffee table creates a place for entertaining and a space to gather around. The contemporary coffee table can also be the perfect spot for snacks, drinks and appliance controls, or a place to play cards and board games with friends and family. 


1. Contemporary Coffee Tables

Coffee tables in contemporary homes are more varied than ever. A modern coffee table can be made of a variety and combination of materials, shapes. In other words, there are no rules, though a well-chosen coffee table that works in simpatico with the rest of your home’s decor would always be preferred.


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2. Wood Coffee Tables

Possibly the most popular choice of material, wooden coffee tables have many advantages. Wood is by nature a hardy material that complements most interior styles and other pieces of furniture. Wood also varies greatly, from pale Scandi pine to boho, rustic wood finishes, to dark hardwoods, there’s always a place in the home for the classic, natural material of wood.



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3. Glass Coffee Tables

While glass coffee tables have been around for decades, the popularity of the material of glass for all tables is growing. A glass coffee table can portray a cutting-edge contemporary style, while also blending in with a variety of other styles of furniture.


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4. Metal Coffee Tables

If glass is currently a popular choice for coffee tables, metal is even more in demand as the material of choice for contemporary coffee tables. Metal is often combined with other materials, such as glass or marble and is an ideal choice for a sleek, modern statement piece for your living room.


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5. Round Coffee Tables

For smaller spaces, round coffee tables are a great choice as they are particularly easy to move around. A round shaped piece of furniture can also serve as an attractive focus in a room that is defined by sharper edges.


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6. Rectangular Coffee Tables

A rectangle coffee table can be a great shape to pair with a sofa. A large rectangle coffee table placed in front of a sofa can provide the space for people to dine or snack on, especially in front of the television.



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7. Square Coffee Tables

Square coffee tables pair well with two sofas, creating a symmetrical focus in the living room. Square coffee tables with sleek lines are also a great way to anchor your furniture layout, while also ensuring optimal flow in your living space.


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8. Coffee Tables with Storage

Coffee tables that provide a storage option are increasingly popular as more of us prefer our spaces to feel and look uncluttered. You can easily keep your space clear by stowing magazines, books, remote controls, throws and other essentials with a coffee table that provides a storage option.



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9. Ottoman Coffee Tables

This would be one of the more modern coffee table options. Along with the popularity of all things Moroccan, ottomans are extremely popular, as they can act as seating, or as a coffee table, especially with the addition of a stylish tray to provide the practicality of a solid surface.


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10. Styling a Coffee Table

You can style your coffee table to reflect the overall theme of your living room, whether your space is modern, traditional, ethnic or rustic. Adding fresh flowers, stylish drink coasters, a stack of beautiful coffee table books, décor pieces, or an attractive tray can all reflect your personal style.


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