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Australian Beach Style Interior - How To Take A Laid-Back Approach On The Distinctive Hamptons Style

In Australia, our own unique beach style has evolved over the decades, going from quaint beach cottage style through to the contemporary sprawling coastal-inspired interiors of today. While chic, sophisticated Hamptons style beach homes fill the pages of interior magazines, the stylings are slightly different from our Australian aesthetic. 

We too are fans of the Hamptons style beach aesthetic, except that we have put a uniquely Australian twist on it. With its down to earth relaxed appeal, soothing hues and appreciation of all things sea, sun and sand, this beach style is quintessentially Australian.

Want to know more? We have rounded up all you need to know about Australian beach style and how to get your home looking beach chic with not a nautical symbol in sight!


1. Colours

The true Hamptons style is all about minimalist colours: white walls and floors with accent colours of navy or duck egg blue. We are fortunate in Australia to have such beautiful and dominant natural light throughout our landscape and the coastal regions are no exception. 

To enhance this natural light and create instant beachy vibes in your interiors, start with a backdrop of muted, colour palettes of soft grey, sandy yellow, bleached white, pastel green and dusty blue, all colours that reflect the Australian coastal landscape. 

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2. Natural Furniture 

Touches of wood and natural textures are integral to the Hamptons style and for creating those fabulous beachy vibes, which should feel comfortable and relaxed, combining the rustic comfort and practicality of a seaside shack with the relaxed glamour of a high-end retreat. 

Here in Australia, we have an abundance of rustic hardwoods, be it weathered, raw, stained or painted white, and natural textures that are perfect for creating this Australian, Hamptons-inspired aesthetic. 

From untreated or recycled floorboards, native tree trunk stools and exquisite bamboo furnishings right through to the softest of merino fibres, the Australian take on this look is everything the classic is and so much more. 


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3. Accessories

Accessories are used in the Hamptons style home to add personality, colour and to evoke that coastal feel. That said, traditionally Hamptons style interiors are fairly minimalist, uncluttered and styled with carefully considered sophisticated and timeless pieces - the Australian take on this classic style is slightly more relaxed but equally as chic.

Create that relaxed coastal vibe with small, subtle nods that will have more impact and are instantly chicer than an abundance of shells or driftwood. Think washed back picture frames, coastal-inspired artworks or photographs, ceramics in ocean-inspired hues and tactile woven wall hangings.


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4. Textures

While the traditional American style Hamptons home is beautiful, it isn't a touch on the unique Australian version filled with its raw beachy vibes, inspired tones, natural materials and an abundance relaxed Australian attitude! So it is always best to opt for natural materials and textures such as merino wools, wicker, rattan, bamboo, textured linens and tactile cotton.

Think breathtakingly beautiful but not too precious to live with! As long as you stay true to the quintessential Australian connection with the ocean and its landscape your home will sing happily with chic beachy style.

Image via Pinterest
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All images are sourced from Pinterest  

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