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Lighting It Up All The Lighting Advice You Need To Get You Through The Last Days of Winter

Just because the daylight fades away in the winter months doesn't mean it's time to hibernate in the deep dark depths of your home. Instead, you need a lighting scheme that will keep your house warm, bright and cheerful until the return of spring, and we've got all the advice on how to do it! Lighting a room correctly can do wonders for your home and mood during these vast seasonal changes and there is a myriad of different ways you can achieve this. We've got all the tips and tricks around lighting your home to get you through those last days of winter and into the brilliant spring sunshine.


It is always best in your interiors to take as many cues from nature as possible, and what better way than utilising the gorgeous streams of natural light pouring into your home. Maximising the natural light that is coming your way is key to creating a positive vibe in your home even during winters darker times. Using mirrors to reflect the natural light within your interior is another inspired way to make the most of this natural gift, position the mirror strategically so that you can multiply those precious rays. If you do need privacy then using sheers on your windows is a great alternative that still lets all that natural light flood in and ensure that you keep those blinds and curtains open until the late afternoon so as not to trap out any warming sunshine.


You will definitely want to increase your overall illumination scheme to make up for those lost daylight hours over the winter months. Adding table and floor lamps throughout your home is an easy and fabulous way to do this! The key to creating warm, cosy light in winter comes with even light distribution. Low-level lighting with many lamps placed across each room, rather than one predominant pendant light emitting everything from the centre is perfect, as this allows you to scatter pockets of light more evenly and helps to create that warming, seasonal atmosphere.


In order to achieve the warming winter illumination you are after, it is best to strategically place a mixture of pendant, floor and table lights in each room. Floor lamps can be great for making a style statement as well as for opening up dark corners, they are perfect for placing behind large chairs or lounges.The floor lamp style of lighting is best suited to the living room, but can also work well in bedrooms too, especially if you choose a statement piece paired back with the rooms aesthetic. Table lamps are highly versatile, not only are they great for reading or working by but they can also offer that extra glimmer of light needed in small spaces, they do however also work well in larger rooms, acting as a style accent and providing a much-needed pocket of soothing glow.


Lighting is not as basic or easy to select as you may think, even though it is a basic necessity in every home. Taking time to consider those finer details can make all the difference to the mood, character and ambience of your home. Choosing larger lamp shades can create soft, indirect light, whilst petite lampshades tend to offer smaller pools of more focused “task lighting”. Material choices are also key as they have a huge impact on the way the light is cast around the room. Fabric or textiles lampshades can be used to create that softer, warmer feel in your interiors whilst shades of a metal, glass or ceramic nature tend to emit stronger, colder and harsher light. Choosing the right light globes is also vital as the right wattage can be transformative to the feel of the room and is not to be underestimated. It is always best to discuss light globes with a professional to help achieve the aesthetic you are after without trialling endless boxes of globes. It really is all in the carefully chosen details with lighting, especially if you are using it as a tool to create a warm and radiant atmosphere in your home over the cooler winter months.





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