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A rug can make or break a room. A good choice brings everything together and says ‘this room is finished’. In a living space, a good rug helps to define zones. It is brings warmth to any areas that can look and feel cold underfoot - we’re looking at you, tiles and hardwood. Luckily, we have some advice that can help you choose the best rug for any space every time and give your room a bit of va va voom.


It’s all in the timing

DO choose your rug first - or last. If you want to make a real statement with a rug to steal the show, start with your rug and then build the room around it. However, if you have already furniture that you love, your rug can be a supporting element in the larger space and it can be chosen so it works with the palette you already have in place.


Sing a rainbow

DO embrace colour and trends. After all, replacing a rug is a great opportunity to freshen up your living space and give it a completely new feel, so don’t be afraid to try some of the new hot colours for 2018 such as earthy red and pink shades, which play well with mustard, tan, navy and teal. Warm, earthy tones from the brown family will also be big. Think cognac, almond and beige here. If would like to introduce a real pop of colour, consider soft mauve, faded indigo or peachy terracotta.


What lies beneath

DO consider your flooring. It is the base your rug will be placed on and some colours just work well together. Warmer toned timbers work much better with warmer rug shades, whereas modern, light timbers look great with grey, navy and white rugs.


Love Thy Neighbour

DO consider your neighbours. If you live in an apartment complex, rugs can be a great sound insulator, particularly for busy areas like a living room. A strategically placed rug will absorb sound and stop your neighbours hearing every move you make and will soak up some of their noise too.


Size Matters

DON’T choose a rug that it is too small for the space. In all areas, a bigger rug can be the difference between pulling your space together - or not. Go bigger every time; it will be worth any extra expense. Let the room orientation be your guide when deciding which way to have the rug running. In a long room, it is best to place a rug lengthways. Using painters tape to mark where your rug will help to visualise the final look and is a pro tip that ensures the rug is in the right spot from every angle.


It’s not always black and white

DON’T choose black or too white rugs for living room spaces. Of course, choosing a rug colour is completely a personal preference. However, consider avoiding a purely black or white rug for high traffic areas, particularly if you have a young family or a pet. Include upkeep as part of your selection criteria so you can spend more time enjoying your rug, and less time vacuuming it. These rugs can look super glam in other, quieter areas though.







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