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The Lamps That Will Make Your Living Room Look Brand New

 The lighting in your living space is pretty much everything. You can have very little going on in a living room — a couch, a stylish rug, a coffee table and a vase — and with the right lighting, the room can feel like a whole world in one day.


Let One Humble Lamp Shine

One fabulous floor lamp can do most of the lighting work, especially in a living space where your décor is busy or bold. Choose a neutral coloured shade that blends with the aesthetic of your room— add white to all white, or bring a solid black splash, or burst of blue among greys. Or let that lamp be a pop of colour amid a coordinated space. 


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Let the Lights Hang Down

High ceilings are made for lighting. Hanging lights can be both practical and dramatic — hang them at different levels and create various shines across the room. Or go for the drama and intrigue of a chandelier, which bring in so many elements: the shape of the lightbulbs, the tone of the light that shines (is it soft and white, warm and rustic or does it pop with LED strength?), and the reigning frame that can be a feature piece, ornate and grand among neutral décor.

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Chandeliers Can Be Subtle Too

Some aesthetics are the sum of many unique elements that could stand alone, or become an ever evolving story when brought together. Here, the chandelier is as gentle as it is special with petite bulbs, warm, bright lights and a classic frame that has just enough industrial character to be noticed, yet not dominate this otherwise rich room.


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Shop for the Most Graceful of Lamp Stands

Embrace the sleek curving stand that adds elegance without effort and can blend and curl into tight and full spaces, or become a feature in a mostly bare corner or a minimalist designed living space. The focus of its light can also be swung round to suit the seasons and times of day.

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Or Go for a DIY look and add an industrial feel to otherwise romantic or formally decorated living spaces. Amid warm and cosy aesthetics and colours, let the mechanics show and the light shine from the raw elements secured to the ceiling or a wall. Or bring in a sleek brass or metal floor lamp that can draw attention as it stands among either minimal or lavish aesthetics.





Tahitian Lamp

$205 $290

Collin Table Lamp Antique Brass

$249 $350

Madras Lamp

$159 $230

Cubist Pendant Gold

$829 $1515

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