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The Secret Life Of Sideboards - 5 Must-See Styling Tips

Sideboards have been a key feature of our interiors for many years and are responsible for transforming many a neglected nook into a sophisticated design statement. But beyond being an amazing piece that allows you to create vignettes without encroaching on your floor space, a sideboard will be one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you will ever invest in. They are super functional and can take on the storage needs of a whole house, as well as allowing you to create a polished and sophisticated finish to your space. 


Entryways, hallways and other hidden corners

Let’s face it, hallways and entries are easily overlooked spaces when it comes to styling your home. And they are also an area that becomes overrun quickly with keys, scarves, mail and bags. What to do? Create a stylish space and store your bits and pieces in a sideboard. The real strength of sideboards is its ability to transform spaces from hidden corners to a sophisticated focal point, all while retaining a ton of functionality. 


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A Buffet

Get your sideboard dressed for dinner. Create more space at the dining table when you place a sideboard within easy reach of the dining area. Not only can a well-positioned sideboard double as a serving area for side dishes and desserts, but it is also the perfect place to display any treasured special occasion tableware. Add some chic table lights and you are on your way to introducing some gorgeous ambient lighting that creates the perfect dinner party atmosphere. Or add a glam candelabra if you’re looking to create a romantic candlelit dinner. A wall-mounted decorative mirror above a sideboard will reflect any ambient light and bring more attention to your sideboard styling, as well as being a strong style statement when the sideboard is in storage mode.

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A Bar Cart

Sideboards are easily converted to a bar and, thanks to the sideboard’s amazing versatility, it can work as either a permanent fixture or a temporary set up for a party. Traditionally thought of as a staple in British homes, the bar cart has really grown in popularity in recent times and can be found in homes and interior editorials just about everywhere. So to create an Instagram worthy bar cart with a sideboard, think about what you will need to store and display - there is no rule that says a bar cart is strictly for bottles and glasses. So don’t be afraid to add blooms, fruit or even books; it’s a great opportunity to show off your pro-styling skills. Could somebody pass the Bollinger, please?



Media Centre

A sideboard makes a great media centre and is a particularly great option for people moving frequently. Even though many people are streaming entertainment on computers, media consoles and sideboards are still going strong. Anchor your television on the wall above the sideboard or simply place it on top if you want to keep some flexibility in your space. Make a feature of tech items by displaying them on top of the sideboard or store them. Pile a few cushions on the floor for cosy home cinema vibes or orientate your sideboard media centre towards your sofa and you’re ready to go!


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A Library… or a Gallery

Who said bookshelves were the only place for books? Who said walls were the only place for art? Sideboards are a great place to display your favourite volumes and collectable books. Simply lay them on top of a beautiful console and lay them both horizontally and vertically with bookends to create visual interest. A ‘pop-up’ gallery can be created by layering and propping up artwork that can be rearranged with your mood or season.


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