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Shelving Units and Libraries

Our shelving units and bookcases make beautiful homes for your treasured possessions whilst also making the ultimate style statement in your home interior.
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Smithson Console/Shelving Unit Black

Our Price $909.00
RRP $1270

Thornton Shelving Unit

Our Price $1,239.00
RRP $1950
Free Delivery

O'Hara Shelf Unit/Console

Our Price $1,659.00

Niche Shelving Unit

Our Price $1,799.00
RRP $2780

Niche Wine Storage Unit

Our Price $1,999.00
RRP $3480
Free Delivery

Preston Bookshelf Large Black

Our Price $1,229.00
RRP $1495
Free Delivery

Preston Bookshelf Large White

Our Price $1,229.00
RRP $1495

Preston Bookshelf Small Black

Our Price $539.00
RRP $725
Free Delivery

Preston Bookshelf Small White

Our Price $599.00
RRP $725

Maxim Bookshelf

Our Price $999.00
RRP $1900
Free Delivery

Oren Shelving Unit

Our Price $1,749.00
RRP $1925

Kiefer Display Unit

Our Price $1,439.00
RRP $2320
Free Delivery

Byron Bookshelf

Our Price $2,069.00

Scout Display Shelf

Our Price $1,199.00
RRP $1595
Free Delivery

Vernon Bookshelf

Our Price $1,749.00
RRP $2120
Free Delivery

Vernon Cabinet

Our Price $1,799.00
RRP $2180

Conrad Bookcase

Our Price $2,999.00
RRP $4060

Brooklyn Bookcase

Our Price $3,149.00
RRP $4160
Free Delivery

Jimmy Bookshelf

Our Price $2,729.00
RRP $3315
Free Delivery

Cinque Display Stand

Our Price $1,829.00
RRP $2220
Free Delivery

Cinque Bookshelf

Our Price $1,829.00
RRP $2215
Free Delivery

Taran Bookshelf

Our Price $1,749.00
RRP $2120
Free Delivery

Helix Shelving Unit

Our Price $1,389.00
RRP $1685
Free Delivery

O'Hara Etagere

Our Price $879.00
RRP $990

Hawthorne Corner Bookshelf Tobacco

Our Price $789.00
RRP $1095
Free Delivery

Spence Shelf Unit

Our Price $465.00
RRP $560

Amazing shelving is the perfect way to inject some serious style and functionality into your home. Available in a wide range of styles and sizes to match your personal aesthetic, whether you're looking for a rustic wooden bookshelf or a more modern cubed shelving unit you are certain to find your ultimate on-trend storage solution in the Interiors Online bookshelf and shelving collection.

All You Need To Know


Many modern-day shelving units and bookshelves come with anti-tip devices that are preinstalled. They come with safe and proper brackets at the top back of the unit. All you have to do is locate one or two studs in the wall (depending on the particular anti-tip device) and drill the included brackets into the wall studs. The safety brackets attached to the shelving unit or bookcase will connect to those in the wall with rods, chains or safety straps. If this is not the case then it is also easy to secure the shelving unit or bookshelf to the wall yourself. You will need to purchase an anti-tip restraint from a hardware store. After purchasing the anti-tip restraint you will need to locate one or two (depending on the shelving unit or the bookshelf height and size) studs in your wall to secure the device too. Once found and marked at the height you wish to fit the device too then it is best to follow the detailed instructions on the anti-tip device packaging to ensure secure installation.


In Australia, a standard bookshelf is generally 250mm in depth, which fits a single row of average-sized books. There are many variations on this depth, however, and you can easily find deeper bookshelves on the market that will allow a double row of books or a row of books and some personal decor items to be displayed on them comfortably.


Styling a shelving unit is a fabulous way to inject personality and character into your home and once you get started it is a fairly easy process! 1.Start with your books – maybe it’s only a few books, or a library full of treasured novels. Stack them both vertically and horizontally and pepper the colors around evenly for a more collected, yet pulled together look. In other words, don’t throw all your darker books in one corner and your lighter books in another, the key here is even distribution; UNLESS you are doing that color coding thing which is more for a proper bookshelf. 2.Add art – Not all shelving can house art but if it can, DO IT. Incorporating art into your shelves does some really good things such as adding personality, creating visual depth by drawing the eye to the back of the shelf thus creating a sense of layering and allowing you to display items that would otherwise not have a display space in your home, shelving takes up a lot of visual real estate so it is best to use it wisely! 3.Mix it up – This is where you add all your pretty things – your objects, sculptures, vessels, collections and even lighting. Mix up the textures, sizes, styles and tones but stay within that color palette so it looks clean and cohesive. For more shelf styling inspiration visit our blog


Bookshelves with Ladders are most definitely in style, in fact, the interiors world is seeing a huge resurgence of this library inspired trend! Ladders on bookshelves are not only practical as they allow you to create a floor to ceiling style shelving but they are also fabulously decorative in their own right. Bookshelf ladders are a great way to introduce a little industrial charm into your home interior. Ensure to keep your ladder cohesive with your homes aesthetic and the style of your bookshelf to ensure a cohesive interior look and feel.

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