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Nothing steals the show more than a dramatic pendant light positioned perfectly above the dining table in your home. Serving both a functional and stylish purpose there really is nothing better than a low slung pendant light to provide that chic wow factor and define the purpose and atmosphere of your dining room. Choosing the right pendant lighting can be tricky, fortunately, we have some tips to make the job easier and guide you along the path to pendant lighting perfection.


One of the most striking lighting trends is clustering, which works well over a dining table. Choose an odd number of pendants (three is a good place to start). Cluster them close together at different heights to create drama, or hang evenly spaced at the same height for a classic look. Use a family of pendants in different shapes, or the same pendant in different sizes or colours to tie the look together.


Consider having dimmers installed so that you can enjoy both bright and ambient light from your pendants – perfect for dining tables where you might prefer brighter light for mealtimes and relaxing ambient light for after-dinner drinks.


The feature point of a dining room is unquestionably the dining table. It is the feature around which the rest of the room should be designed. The right choice of lighting above the dining table must not only match the style of the table but also be geared for its purpose.You want the pendant to make a decorative statement, provide enough light for the table and avoid unwanted glare.


Much of the functionality of the dining room pendant light can be controlled through proper height placement and choosing the right initial pendant material, transparent glass provides an all-around glow versus opaque metal that offers a more downward focused illumination whilst wicker provides a more evenly distributed, yet muted and diffused lighting option.


Start by looking for lighting that best suits the style of the room and its preexisting furnishings, then veto out your favourites by honing in on practicality. After that, the exact style of pendant you choose is a simple matter of personal taste!





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Bloom Pendant White

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Bloom Pendant Black

Our Price $439.00
RRP $605

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