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Notable for a living style all of its own, Manhattan has provided unbound interior inspiration globally, its unique aesthetic promoting urban appeal dressed up with all the chicness of modern sophistication. The Manhattan style reflects a unique blend of innate elegance, creativity and masses of finesse. To boast an urban interior aesthetic with a decidedly eclectic contemporary edge, look to Manhattan style as your canvas. Not sure how to bring those manhattan vibes into your home? We have you covered with our easy how-to guide.



Manhattan is the birthplace of loft living, a contemporary concept even in today's world. The key to achieving a sense of loft living in your home is to use a muted colour palette of white, grey and black, in a variety of different textural materials. Save injections of bolder colours for selected focal points within the home. Using a muted colour palette will allow you to overemphasise the sense of space that you have and reiterate urban appeal.



There is a lot of fun to be had when selecting furniture and decor for a Manhattan-style home. Playing with proportion and era is a great way to inject personality and a touch a touch of the eclectic into your space. The Manhattan style of interior decorating thinks nothing of pairing a Victorian side table back with a midcentury bench, knowing that with a mix of styles comes a more compelling composition. Within the Manhattan style home, it is vital that each room contains a statement piece in order to add character and warmth, from oversized industrial pendants in a stainless steel kitchen to a leather screen layered behind a headboard, for maximum impact and “wow factor” within the Manhattan aesthetic, conversation pieces are vital. When considering furniture for this look think dark timber, white marble, leather, chunky glass, reflective metals, lacquered surfaces, sleek silhouettes and opulent matte gold detailing peppered with lots of luxurious little accents.



A key way to add those Manhattan vibes into your home is to feature oversized, sculptural artwork that is sure to make a statement. Mix feature artwork back with simpler gallery wall hangs in complementary tones, bright colours and a mix of styles and mediums for an easy way to make your space feel collected and personal with all the chic trimmings of a Manhattan-style apartment. The key to selecting art for this aesthetic lays in simple framing, an eye for detail and sense of scale - from the grand and oversized to the minute and interesting. Have fun when selecting artwork within the Manhattan style as its one of the few ways you will get to express personality and uniqueness, go bold and let your artwork talk on you and your homes behalf.



The Manhattan look, although luxurious and in some cases opulent, can also be minimal at times. Whilst it is best to keep upholstery and drapery in solid neutral tones feel free to use pattern as an accent piece in rugs, cushions and decor pieces that can easily be switched out when they start to feel dated. That said, it is important to add these patterned accents into this classic style to stop it becoming an overload of neutrals and metallics. Think naturally patterned fur throws, animal hides and patterned silk cushions.



Because this style favours a neutral palette it is essential to make a Manhattan interior as interesting as possible and a fabulous way to do this is by including a variety of textures. From natural fibre rugs, leather ottomans and ornate marble mantlepieces to rich velvet lounges, texture is the key to adding warmth, interest and liveability to this interior style.




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