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The Humble Floor Lamp - All You Need To Know About The Dark Horse Of The Lighting World

The humble floor lamp is often overlooked in terms of interior styling however it is actually one of the simplest and most effective ways to add sculptural yet practical interest to any space. Floor lamps have a huge impact on a homes overall look and feel and without proper lighting in your home, even the chicest and dreamy of spaces will not seem complete. Whether being used to anchor a living room corner or dutifully providing light to the perfect sofa reading nook, a beautiful floor lamp is an absolute must-have in any home. Floor lamps fall into the category of task lighting and are significant within the home due to their functional and decorative role. There are various factors that need to be carefully considered when selecting the perfect floor lamp for your interior and we are here to fill you in on all you need to know about this lighting dark horse.




Predominantly floor lamps are tall and narrow in style which makes them ideal for fitting into almost any space! They are fabulous for use in small apartments as they do not have a large footprint in comparison with the decorative impact they offer. When choosing a lamp it is crucial to consider the aesthetic you're going for in your home and then find a lamp that compliments and supports that interior style. For modern and contemporary interiors think streamlined, metallic finished, sleek and simple in terms of the lamp you choose. For more scandi or boho inspired interiors, you can stick with a streamlined base but opt instead for a drum-shaped shade that has textural, colourful or patterned elements in its finish, matte white powder coated metals are also fabulous for this look. There are many amazing mid-century modern inspired floor lamps in bold colours, metals and even bolder shapes that are the perfect choice if you are looking to make a statement in your interior, think oversized sleek stainless steel arched lamps that act as dramatic sculptures within the interior landscape of your living room. For a timeless option and one that will last many a trend over, opt for a shade in neutral tones or timeless metal that adds balance to the pre-existing decor.



The most favourable attribute of the floor lamp is that they are designed to be both functional and ornamental. So when choosing a lamp you need to consider how much light you will need it to cast within your space, there's no point having a beautiful statement lamp if you cant use it to read a magazine under! Illumination also takes into account shade choice, if you want your lamp to illuminate your room or reading spot then opt for a translucent shade finish instead of a heavy metal option. However, if looks are the only thing on your mind then select a shade with an opaque finish such as metal or wood that is sure to become a statement piece. When making shade finish choices, always remember that lighter tones are great for illuminating light over wide areas while darker shades tend to be more proficient at creating ambience and moodiness within an interior rather than providing focused task lighting.



Now that you have painstakingly selected the most perfect floor lamp or two for your home it is time to consider placement. Generally, floor lamps are used to illuminate and light darker corners within our homes or to accent and define reading areas. Always ensure you have sufficient power points within lamps reach of your chosen spot as nothing is more unsightly than a power cord snaking halfway across the floor! When it comes to lamp height and existing furniture this is a detail that you do need to pay attention to. Ideally, a floor lamp should be on average around 68inches high and when you are sitting on the lounge or laying in bed reading the lampshade should always sit eye level to avoid glare. Another common mistake is that the shade is too small to conceal the bulb, always check that you have enough lamp depth sitting or standing to conceal the lamp's bulb!






The Palm Floor Lamp

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Bentley Floor Lamp

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Astor Floor Lamp Antique Gold

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RRP $415

Astor Floor Lamp Antique Silver

Our Price $275.00
RRP $415

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