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The Seasons Are A-Changing: Top Tips To Get Your Home Winter-Ready

There’s no need to dread the winter months — even with the early morning frosts seeping in, sun down before home time, stormy weather that makes it hard to venture out some days. We say, conquer those blues and get decorating. Who needs a second home when the décor can change along with the seasons. There are some key practical elements to ensure when winterising your home; the rest of it is all about style and comfort, darling. Think of it like a new wardrobe for your home: transforming your beloved space the way a glamorous woman goes from day to night.


Get Wintry with those Windows

Switch out those summery blinds or sheer, breeze-loving curtains for something a little — or a lot — warmer. Even the most plush home insulation doesn’t stop the chill from seeping through the windows, which need a warmer coat through the cold months and there are so many stylish options. Try luxurious velvet, satin or silk. Go for layers — line your seasonal curtains with cotton that lets the sun in during the day and keeps the frost out at night. Take on the task with imagination: this is a whole new look for your beloved space. Solid coloured drapes provide an elegant, supportive framework for bold or busy décor. Or, in a dark space, use the windows to hang soft pastels. Or why not embrace flair with stripes or geometrical patterns that could bring a minimally decorated room to life — the only danger is you might never want to venture outside.


Crawl under something soft and cosy

Throws in abundance! Even if a breeze rolls its way in, everyone will want winter to last forever inside when there are beautiful, lush throws laid over every armchair or folded and stacked like fluffy pancakes, perhaps as a surprising top piece for an occasional table. Drape them over chairs in the lounge and dining rooms or make soft sculptures out of them in the corner of bedrooms and they’ll become the stars of kids’ sleepovers. Also place a woven chest right in the hallway entrance, packed with neatly folded throws that guests can drape like cloaks over themselves before they even have a chance to shiver.


Line Your Home with Rugs

Padding barefoot over cool tiles or smooth floorboards is a dream in the summer but those precious soles and toes need something to seriously sink into come the winter time. Rugs are the welcoming big sister to throws: thick and bright, or soft and sultry, they can be the reigning feature along a hallway, rolled out grandly and welcoming everyone in after a day battling the elements. A wintry haven is also created with a tapestry of rugs laid throughout the whole home, adding layers of texture as well as design. Patterns and tones can be mixed and matched with flair: don’t be afraid to lay mosaics or geometrical patterns near each other, especially in a big space — if your dining room merges with the living room, for example. In smaller areas, choose a theme: Moroccan, perhaps, which is all warm tones and intricate designs.


See you in front of the fireplace…

Is your home warmed with the heat of wood in an open fireplace, supported by beautiful ventilation? Now is the time to stock up on firewood and stack it in a strong, sleek trunk that looks as inviting as the fire itself and also sends rustic wafts through the home. Then get decorating around the hearth so that your guests may spend hours gazing as the wind or the rain rages outside. Consider a collection of exotic tapestries that add extra insulation. Place a hearty sculpture right by the fire place. It’s true that arranging mesmerising art around the fire might make the TV jealous, which isn’t such a bad thing at all.


Winterise your colour palette

In summer, whites and pale blues are cool and refreshing on everyone’s eyes and bright, tropical colours bring the outside in. In winter, it’s about creating a cocoon inside— a warm, yet bright retreat from the dark outdoors. Deep, natural tones such as browns and olive greens, rich cherry and smoky blues are perfectly warming and can be brought to life with splashes of soft pink, perhaps. Or hold on to summer with crisp white features accessorised with these more sultry tones. Try doona covers and cushions with geometrical patterns and plush materials that are more embracing. For the bold, this might just be the time to satisfy that craving and paint a wall in black — glossy or matte. Then accessorise with natural elements — bamboo trees and terrariums bring the world inside at this time of year.


Indoor drapes create drama and endless layers of cosiness

Curtains can be hung across doorways and along walls so that no space is left unlined. Create a period piece inside — transport one bedroom into another era with velvet draped over the entrance, to be parted elegantly and accessorised with pieces from different times and places — beads and flowers, intricately framed mirrors or historic paintings and art. Or give a bare wall a layer of lusciousness and hang it with light wool or a flow of colourful silk.


Bring the light inside

Humans need sunshine… and when the sun goes down, sometimes not so long after lunchtime, lamps and lighting are our vitamin D, delivered with style. Candles and outdoor heat lamps are like lovers in the winter time. And get dramatic with it — this is the season for chandeliers that can be laid and daydreamed under for hours. Candelabras and hurricane lamps are classic for creating atmosphere and intrigue in any room of the house, from the master bedroom to the bathroom. Overhead, a ceiling lamp can make a luscious cretreat out of a cavernous room and be the room’s major art work, or ground the space with industrial elements.






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